Mammoth Lakes Homeowners Association Services

Absentee Homeowners Service © (AHS) is the leader in providing the finest property management services in Mammoth Lakes. At AHS we focus on cost effective maintenance of your common areas with an eye toward increasing the overall value of the property.  We are the most preferred property management company and our exceptional Homeowners Association services are founded on three key principles.

Communication - We partner with your Homeowners Association board members to ensure your property is optimized at all levels beginning and ending with your common areas. We have an “open door” policy and welcome any and all feedback. This helps us work together to maintain this beautiful community we call home.

Consistency -  AHS has been in business since 1971 and has built a foundation of exceptional service with consistency as a key pillar. The diversity we face daily can be challenging but our unique and qualified staff members are well equipped to handle the expectations set before them.

Commitment - You can trust in AHS to provide you with the highest level of property management services day in and day out. Our commitment is to you and your Mammoth Lakes community. We take a proactive role in every service we provide as this is a direct reflection of what makes AHS so sought after and unique.

Services We Provide

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  • Common area inspections
  • Lighting inspections
  • General maintenance
  • Landscape
  • Snow removal

Pool & Spa Monitoring. If any issues are found they will be reported immediately to your pool and spa maintenance company.

  • Scheduling of annual services
  • Contractors coordinated and supervised, as needed
  • Regular attendance at board meetings
  • Regular reporting to board members


  • Review of operating budgets and reserve studies